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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A generous gift

An email found its way to me last week in which we Chicks were offered a bunch of hats that were hand knitted by a lady who lives in town and wanted to donate them to someone in need. There were more than 20 hats in the bag! And each one was colorful or original with cute pompoms and stripes and patterns. Thank you Barbara Pascalides for your most generous gift. We will see to their distribution where they are most needed.
Cinzia finished her original design scarf where she finished off the edges with a crochet stitch. All it needs is a thorough blocking. Since the yarn is a nylon and acrylic blend it will have to be covered with a cloth and steamed to within an inch of its life!
 Elaine finished the hat for her granddaughter and now her daughter-in-law and granddaughter can match!
 The flower is knitted very easily and the colors look darling!
 Beth finished the hat she frogged last week and now it will fit a little one.
 Her September Circle cowl is finished and just needs a blocking. Beth deliberated over whether to knit one more row but...
 she made the decision to bind off knowing this much yarn would never stretch to finish another row.
 Tonight she cast on for a hat with Patons Classic Wool in a cheerful red.
 Maureen's cabled hat is growing...
 as it Dorah's scarf. She couldn't work on it much during the week because she was just too stressed out while watching her beloved Mets!
 My ZickZack scarf grew a little over the week. I have so many projects on needles that each one grows just a little at a time.
 Carole finished her cowl and matching hat and they look great.  Notice the leftover Halloween candy beside them. I was surprised at how few Trick or Treaters we had this year. So we have to eat it! Yeah, we HAVE to! LOL!
 Carole's Cushy Cowl is growing nicely. It is a quick pattern to knit and as I said before the pattern doesn't really show up until you've knitted a few inches of fabric.
Well, I guess I had better get to a few of those multiple projects I have in progress. It would be nice if I had at least one finished one to show you next time!

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Lulu said...

wow such beautiful the hats with the flowers..