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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Starting a new donation project and Christmas with the Masons

Kathleen has had two weeks to knit up a storm and she didn't disappoint.
Hats, mittens, and a blanket were just the beginning.
Another leaf and lace sweater set was added,
as was a cute little flowered hat
and a lacy cap.
Barbara decided to make a Baby Surprise Jacket so she was just beginning it this afternoon.
Maureen finished her Baby Sophisticate Jacket.
Carole is finishing up an infinity scarf for her daughter who decided it needed to be longer.
And Beth needed only to sew buttons on her little jacket.
Super Moose, I mean, Superman came to visit us at Christmas.
He read all the tags so he could distribute the gifts.
We had a full house. The Collins brought Moose and Leo, John and Andrew came down from upstate, and my parents and sister came over from Connecticut.
And it was a very knitty Christmas. Amanda made dinosaurs for her boys and her brother.
And she hunted all over New Jersey and Pennsylvania to buy this mug for me after the first one accidentally broke.
Moose dyed the yarn and Amanda designed and knitted this lovely shawlette for me.
I love the size of it. I can wear it like a scarf or shawl.
Ron's mittens fit perfectly which was a miracle since I tried not to let him see me making them.

Leo loved his new toy and figured out how to make it pop!
Amanda loved the scarf I made for her and the tiger eye button made a good bead.
It was a good day all around and we all loved the knitty goodness.
Now that the new year is here I have ideas for knitting all kinds of pretty things. I wish I had enough hours in the day to make them! Maybe I can make a resolution to learn how to knit in my sleep!

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AlisonH said...

So much happiness! Best of the New Year to you and yours!