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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's Tuesday again!

My son tried on the socks I knitted for his Christmas gift and they fit perfectly. Wow! He has big feet! You never realize things like that until you have to knit inches and inches of stockinette. I doubt I'll ever make a sweater for him.
I finished another Ishbel shawl as a gift for someone. It's a surprise so I can't say who. I used Online Sock weight yarn, a blend of nylon and acrylic. I was reluctant to use this yarn for a lace shawl but the recipient wanted a pure white shawl and I couldn't find any natural fibers in pure white so I gave it a try. The shawl soaked in very warm water for 30 minutes before I pinned it out and gave it a good steaming to "kill" the acrylic. I'm really happy with the result.
 Barbara wore her beautiful sweater today. She bought the pattern from WEBS and used a Valley Yarn bulky weight. I love the way the sleeves come to a point on the top of her hands.
 Then she got to work on her Baby Surprise Jacket. The colors look great together.
 Carole is down to the last few rows of garter ridge for the border of the baby afghan with the sailboats.
 And Maureen started the cute baby sweater she picked out last week.
 It's from a pattern book that uses Cascade 220 yarns. It's going to be a cutie.
I'm finishing up a hoodie which will be done by next week and ready for photos. Stay tuned for the finished project.