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Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Flirtatious

Last night some knitting friends got together at Karin's house to have an outdoor knit night.
The weather was humidity, a gentle breeze, and shade. We had some tasty treats to complete the perfection. And then we saw Iryth's "Flirtatious" shawl. If you are a member of, you can purchase the pattern through Paypal. If not, the pattern is available at Trumpet Hill in Albany, New York. I believe Iryth was the first one to finish knitting my original design and it's beautiful!
The color in this photo is a little dark but if you could see it in person it is breathtaking! This particular shade of turquoise is Iryth's favorite so naturally she had to make something for herself with it. Beautiful work Iryth!


AlisonH said...

Love that blue, love the shawl!

Karin said...

Wow! That is a relly nice picture.
Thank you for the mention!
I am woefully behind with blogging and reading blogs.