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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kidcentric Day at the Landsdowne Farmer's Market

Moose took his parents and me to the Landsdowne Farmer's Market today for a special visit. There were all kinds of attractions there today that were special just for kids.
The Delco Bird Club brought their feathered friends for us to hold and pet. This Green Wing Macaw was a therapy bird so he was very friendly to us. His size was a little intimidating so Moose decided he would be more than happy to let me hold him.
Pammie the Cockatoo waved hello...
and flirted with us so we would come over and say hi.
Moose was making sure that Daddy Phil kept Pammie at arm's length, just to be safe.
Mommy Amanda had a little conversation with her too.
Moose found the hoola hoops quite entertaining.
But the best fun on such a hot morning was the "Wet Tent". Even Mommy got in on the cold water fun!
It isn't called the "Wet Tent" for nothing.
Winged Wonders was a net tent filled with Monarch butterflies. Moose had a ball. It was one of those rare moments when he is so fascinated by his surroundings that we could have stayed all day.

Notice the guide's "living earring".
Moose made sure he got a close look. His comment was "These are sooooo cool!"
The Q-tips and cotton balls were dipped in Gatorade so the kids could feed the butterflies.
Moose really enjoyed inspecting them too.
They really were pretty even if I'm terrified of them, thanks to a nightmare when I was five years old! LOL!
Ridley Creek was the name of the guest musicians this week and they graciously allowed Moose a short solo.
Moose enjoyed saying thank you with his tip.
It was a great day which was topped off by a visit with McGruff the Crime Dog.
It was over all too soon but we brought home lots of good fresh food. Oh yes! We'll be sure to enjoy John's homemade mushroom soup tonight!

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AlisonH said...

Oh, priceless!

Y'all come visit us, we've got Pacific Grove about 100 minutes away, where the Monarchs gather.