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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Look at what greeted me in the morning!

Last Christmas my son gave me a box with a flower pot, soil, and seeds as a stocking stuffer gift. This past spring I planted some of the seeds and then transplanted the seedlings when they were big enough. And just the other morning I was walking through my family room, past the picture window and something red caught my eye. Check it out!!! I don't know if we'll eat them though. The seed packet did not specify if they were hot peppers. It just said "peppers". I don't think I'll be taking the chance to find out. But they look so festive with my Christmas decorations.
Kathleen was a busy little knitter again last week. She brought all these in on Tuesday. There are going to be some warm babies around the Capital District this winter.
Beth made this darling Christmas stocking for a dog! Yes, I said dog. Can you see him in the pattern? I used to have a Christmas stocking for my pets when we had them, so why not! She did a beautiful job!
Maureen is working on a baby blanket and I'm making a shawl with Karin's hand dyed sock yarn.
Beth and Cathy were hard at work too.
Moose and his parents came for a visit on Thanksgiving weekend and Uncle Drew taught Moose how to play "Angry Birds" on his Smartphone. Now all Moose asks is if he can play Angry Birds. LOL! The little rascal can really play it too.
While he was here, Moose helped me put up some Christmas decorations. I let him arrange the Nativity Scene any way he wanted so he decided that all the figurines had to be in the barn. Baby Jesus is somewhere in the middle. I was holding my breath while he handled the figurines because some of these date back to when I was a little girl. My grandmother used them in her scene along with lots of others. She used a six foot long picnic table to make different villages with skiers, ice skaters, St. Peter's Basilica, and all sorts of characters. My sister and I used to laugh when we were old enough to understand some of those things weren't around when Jesus was born. But it made an interesting holiday focal point. I keep mine on a much smaller scale.
It's time for some shopping and baking so I'll leave off for now. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. And for all my Jewish friends, Happy Hannukah!


LisaCinFL said...

I still think of Nana's table every Christmas. I used to love the skaters skating on a little round mirror and laugh now to think of the string of huge green and red lights strung on the stable. haha. I miss Nana. So many amazing memories. She was one of a kind. Love you, Jody!

AlisonH said...

That's a hot pepper. Pretty, too. I have one last tomato on my I-thought-it-was-almost-dead tomato plant, brought back inside in the window in its pot.