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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Four days before Christmas

Karin has been busy these past few weeks. She brought all these finished booties and a cute little hat to match.
And then dove right in for a quick consultation for Beth on the fine art of sewing together garter stitch seams.
Catie is in town for her holiday break from graduate school and picked right up where she left off over the summer on her scarf. Beth has made progress on the baby sweater she was knitting last week.
Maureen and Cathy are moving right along on their respective projects.

And I had to rip out a baby sweater and start over because there was this huge gap where a stitch should have been and I don't know how it got there!
My daughter took some portraits of Moose that I wanted to show off. He's such a handsome kid that I can't help myself! LOL!

And he is such a ham that he loves being the subject of the camera.

So with these happy smiles let me wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.


bmash said...

Moose is so cute! It is certainly a great perk to being a Chick to have so many people to help when I get stuck!

Thanks so much for organizing such a great group.

On to my pillow, then personalize a stocking and I think Christmas knitting is done. Ok, not the sweater for Garth and certainly not for his team! lol!

Elise said...

Such great photos from both you and Amanda! That Moose is so delicious you could eat him with a spoon! Hugs and kisses and warm wishes for a festive (and restive) holiday!!


Knittingchick said...

Thanks Elise, but this week Karin took the photos, all but the one with her in it. DUH!

AlisonH said...

He's so cute!