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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A lesson in patience

When I tell you I've been waiting almost 15 years for a plant to bloom you will probably think I'm off my rocker! But my oncidium, for which I have faithfully cared and repotted biannually, has finally blossomed! I bought it shortly after I received my first orchid as a thank you gift from a friend. It was blooming at the store and looked so pretty that I decided I had to add it to my collection of houseplants. It continued to grace my garden window for a few more weeks and then the blossoms dried and dropped, as spent blossoms should. I watered it regularly and followed the guidelines for it's care. And I watched...and watched...and waited...and waited. FOR 15 YEARS! It grew new pseudobulbs and roots and outgrew it pot every couple of years. It had me well trained too. It got a new repotting whenever it needed. But no flowers. Until this year. I think it was well worth the wait.
My dendrobium, another slow grower, keeping company with the oncidium.

I finished some shawls this week and they are blocked. This purple multi is from my imagination, just yarnovers and K2tog wherever I felt the urge. The yarn was donated to the Chicks by my friend Elise Hiller. Thanks Elise!
When I last visited my daughter a lady stopped me and wanted my shawl I was wearing. She was a tough cookie to convince she couldn't have mine LOL! but I was able to make one just for her. I like it so much I'm not so sure I want to give it away! Well, I still have mine.
This soft baby alpaca shawl is a pretty lilac and also a pattern I just winged my way through. It's amazing what you can do with a few yarnovers and k2tog.
Kathleen finished another Leaf and Lace hat and sweater. She always has such great buttons for her sweaters too. And under the sweater is a baby blanket she made with a very soft fluffy yarn.

Elaine wanted to show us a finger puppet she made for her granddaughter and I caught her having some fun!

Sheila shows it with it's turkey feather tail. A little stuffing and some eyes and it will make a little girl laugh with delight.
Kathleen is working on another shawl for our new project. We're making shawls for mothers and clothes for babies for Esme's Comfort (
And Sheila is making progress on her Pelerine
I was concentrating so hard on my knitting Tuesday night that it completely slipped my mind to take photos of the evening group at work. Sorry Chicks! I'll make sure I remember next time.
We are taking next Tuesday off for the holiday preparations and family visits.
My wish for all of you is that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your turkey dinner.


Elise said...

Your work is beautiful as always and I am honored to know you made something so beautiful out of my gift! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Karin said...

The orchid is amazing!!!! Everything you touch turns out beautiful.

AlisonH said...

Beautiful knitting! Happy Thanksgiving, and may all be warm and comforted.