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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Getting things done

Finishing up some projects this week. I blocked this baby blanket, a square in the round. It starts in the center on double pointed needles and when it's big enough, the whole thing is transferred to circular needles.
Kathleen brought in another batch of baby hats and a sweater. She is the most prolific knitter I've ever known!
And she doesn't knit plain old stuff. Kathleen always picks such cute patterns.
Barbara is working on a stash busting blanket. It's looking really great and she's almost finished.
Beth made a Christmas stocking for ....well, I can't tell you because it is a Christmas gift and I don't want to spoil the surprise. I'll show you after Christmas.

Maureen is making progress on the pink blanket.
And I started a baby hat to go with the pink square in the round blanket.
Beth is making a baby sweater.
I finished another Christmas gift, a second Ishbel shawl. I used another one of Karin's hand dyed yarns.
Oh, to the nice lady I met at Capital Rep Theater Wednesday night, this is the finished version of the shawl I was knitting during intermission.
This one took a little longer. I started on Saturday night and finished Tuesday morning.
This was the first one I made a couple of weeks ago. The yarn was another of Karin's hand dyed and this one has a little cashmere in it so it's amazingly soft.

I really enjoy knitting this pattern and it's great for that one skein of special sock yarn you have stashed away and don't know what to make. I used a skein that had 450 yards of yarn and there was some leftover. So if you have a pretty sock yarn that is just too special for socks, this might be the way to go. Enjoy!

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