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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave!

We had another one of those tangled balls of yarn where you get halfway through a knitting project and try to pull some yarn with which to work and then you're stuck in your tracks by a tangle. This one took Barbara, Liz...
Elaine and Kathleen altogether to untangle while I slowly rolled the ball into a usable cake. It was like an old fashion quilting bee with everyone working together. Lots of laughing and lots of fun.
Barbara is on the decrease side of her fuzzy baby blanket. It should be done soon.

Liz found a thick and thin yarn in her stash and asked for ideas for its use.

Kathleen was checking out new patterns for inspiration.

And Elaine's wheels were turning with ideas.

I finished the sweater and hat set I knitted for Maureen's friend's raffle for the "Caring Together" charity to raise funds for cancer research.
I love the little ladybug buttons sitting among the leaves.
Our last Chick interview is me. Can you believe you caught me without my knitting? That doesn't happen very often!
Interviewer: At what age did you learn to knit?

Jody: I learned about 8 or 9 but didn't seriously knit until about 14.

Interviewer: Who taught you to knit?

Jody: My grandmother taught me to cast on and crochet at age 8 or 9. I spent hours just casting on stitches and thought I was really knitting. When I was 14 I watched my mother knit and the craze was popular again in the early 60's so she taught me to make an afghan.

Interviewer: What was the first item you completed and for whom did you make it?

Jody: The first thing I finished was that afghan my mom taught. It was orange and brown and it was for the family room at my home. That thing went through the wash so many times it finally disintegrated!

Interviewer: What was your favorite item knitted?

Jody: I've made so many things I like that it's hard to pick a favorite. I like the finished knitted lace projects, even if they are intense. But I also loved making the Irish Fisherman sweaters for my children when they were little.

Interviewer: What was your most challenging project?

Jody: I'd have to say the wedding gift afghan that my family convinced me to keep. After watching me work on it for 120 hours and over 110,000 stitches they thought the recipients would never appreciate the time and work that went into it and they loved it so we kept it and gave the couple a check instead! LOL!

Interviewer: What took you the longest to make?

Jody: When I was in high school I asked my mother to help me make myself a sweater. Every time I made a mistake she would make me rip it out to the beginning and start over. That sweater, which I still have, took me four years to finish.

Interviewer: What do you like to knit now?

Jody: Baby clothes for their speed to finish, lace for it's beauty and delicacy, and self patterning sock yarns to marvel at the developing designs.

Interviewer: What is your favorite fiber to knit?

Jody: It depends on the project. I like superwash wool for clothes for my grandson and items which will be donated so they can be handled less carefully than say, a delicate wool or silk. But I love baby alpaca for scarves and shawls.

Interviewer: Where is your favorite place to knit?

Jody: By the fireplace, in my cozy rocker on a cold winter day or on the screened-in deck on a comfortable summer day listening to the birds and the fountain bubbling nearby.

Interviewer: Where is the most unusual place you ever knitted?

Jody: I like to knit while riding my exercise bicycle to take away the boredom of riding!

So there you have it! All the Chicks have told you about their knitting habits and faves. Now share with us some of your preferences. Where do you like to knit? What fibers are your favorites? What do you like to knit? Just leave your answers in the comments sections so everyone can see.

Keep those needles clicking!

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