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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Cummington Sheep and Wool Festival and Catching Up With the Chicks

Memorial Day weekend there was a gathering in Cummington, Massachusetts of some of the most beautiful fibers and animals. It was the Cummington Sheep and Wool Festival. Not on the same scale as the Rhinebeck festival in the fall, this festival was so cute, with many of the same attractions. There was the sheep dog trials, the showing of the animals, and my absolute favorite, delicious sausage grinders smothered in onions and peppers! The weather was sunny and warm, just right for a day in the country.
There were angora rabbits everywhere I turned and this cute little guy was busily munching on some grass while everyone passing by stopped to run their fingers through his soft, fuzzy fur.
I couldn't resist these baby bunnies, knowing full well I'd be risking a full blown sneezing attack.
Because it was such a warm day, the sheep took full advantage of the small spot of shade to take a well deserved nap after their showing.
I'll bet this beauty is relieved to be rid of that thick curly coat.
This Tuesday the weather was cooperating long enough for us to squeeze our two hours of knitting outdoors. Elaine and Kathleen caught up on knitting projects and grandchildren.
Kathleen finished the baby sweater I showed you last week.
Notice the sweet eyelet design. The pattern was free at
Sheila is about halfway through her checkerboard pattern scarf.
And Barbara is almost halfway through the diagonal baby blanket. The yarn she is using is so soft and fluffy that we can all envision this becoming someone's favorite "blankie".
I finished an Elizabeth Zimmermann design called "Pellerine". It was made using Red Heart No Dye Lot acrylic so the nursing home can run it through the hot wash without damaging it. The original design was sewn up 2/3 of the front but I left it open and will look for a jazzy button for the neckline to make it easier to wear.
We'll be checking out Maureen's knitting history this week. She is an accountant so knitting is right up her alley with all it's mathematical properties.
Interviewer: At what age did you learn to knit?
Maureen: I was 7 or 8 when a neighbor taught me to crochet scarves and ponchos. Ironically, I taught my mother how to knit. In 1983, right before I got married, some of my friends from work and I learned how to knit at the same time. I made a sweater and the other two made a blanket and a pair of pants. I didn't knit again until I joined the Chicks in 2005.
Interviewer: Who taught you to knit?
Maureen: My late mother-in-law, Grace Cagino taught me how to knit, as well as crochet.
Interviewer: What was the first item you completed and for whom did you make it?
Maureen: I made a baby sweater for a girl who worked for me.
Interviewer: What was your favorite item knitted?
Maureen: I loved making the Chulo hats from the Berroco site. I made one to send to my daughter who was attending school in Buffalo where she needed warm winter clothing. She loves it!
Interviewer: What was your most challenging project?
Maureen: The baby surprise jacket was the most challenging because I couldn't visualize it while it was being knitted. It was always kind of a puzzle.
Interviewer: What took you the longest to knit?
Maureen: The lap blankets that I made for the VA hospital donation took at least a couple of months.
Interviewer: What do you like to knit now?
Maureen: I love making baby things. The yarns are so soft and they go together quickly.
Interviewer: What is your favorite fiber to knit?
Maureen: I love the soft baby yarns the best, especially the washable blended fibers.
Interviewer: Where is your favorite place to knit?
Maureen: In my family room, in front of a warm fire in the winter.
Interviewer: Where is the most unusual place you ever knitted?
Maureen: Just on a car ride....obviously not while driving!!!
Next week we'll take a peek into the knitting life of another Chick, but for now just keep those needles clicking!

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