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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Quiet Tuesday

Kathleen is hard at work, as usual. She knitted halfway through a cute baby sweater since last Tuesday in addition to finishing a pair of bright red mittens and.....
This baby blanket. The color is a warm rust, contrary to what the image shows here.
I completed a fringed scarf for donation. To where, I don't know yet, but there is time to decide.
Back to our Chicks' interviews. This week our spotlight is on Karin. She used to own the yarn shop in Albany called "Periwinkle Sheep". Now she dyes her own yarns using the same name. You can find her beautiful yarns at our local yarn stores such as Trumpet Hill ( and The Spinning Room (

Interviewer: At what age did you learn to knit?

Karin: I learned when I was 7 or 8 in second grade. I also learned how to embroider a sampler but knitting really stuck. We were taught how to knit, purl and crochet.

Interviewer: Who taught you to knit?

Karin: My hand work teacher at school taught me the basics and after that my mother and grandmother helped me.

Interviewer: What was the first item you completed and for whom did you make it?

Karin: I made an 8 X 8 inch, half garter stitch, half stockinette stitch, mint green potholder for my grandmother, of course! I learned the single crochet stitch to make the edge in red.

Interviewer: What was your favorite item to knit?

Karin: Probably my first pair of socks when I was a teenager. RED!

Interviewer: What was your most challenging project?

Karin: A Fair Isle cardigan with three colors of shetland wool that I "designed" myself when I was about 17, before I knew about shaping! It fit, but the crew neck was VERY low because I hadn't learned how to contour yet.

Interviewer: What took you the longest to knit?

Karin: Originally, I would have said that fair isle cardigan. It took a whole year. But recently I went through my hibernating pieces and found a vest that had been sitting there for 10 years! I finally found some cute buttons and finished it. I don't even know why it sat for so long.

Interviewer: What do you like to knit now?

Karin: Everything!!!

Interviewer: What is your favorite fiber to knit?

Karin: Merino wool or cashmerino, not that I can afford them.

Interviewer: Where is your favorite place to knit?

Karin: Either on my sofa or on my friend's sofa, Jody's :).

Interviewer: Where is the most unusual place you ever knitted:

Karin: In a plane high above the Atlantic on a trip to visit family in Germany.

Thank you Karin and we hope you are recovering quickly from your surgery. We miss you on Tuesdays and hope you'll be back knitting with us soon. ((((HUGS))))

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Karin said...

Thank you Jody, that was very kind of you. :) I hope to be back soon, too!