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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Storms won't stop the Chicks

There was a full house this afternoon as the Chicks got right to work. I had planned on knitting outside but right before the Chicks arrived we had a torrential downpour and the temperature dropped dramatically, so we opted to stay inside.
Cinzia's Mitered Baby Jacket is almost finished. She knitted on the applied I-cord.
At the neck edge she made a little loop for a buttonhole. I can't wait to see what she chooses for a button.
Debbie put her baby sack aside to make the sleeves for a baby sweater. She was having a tough time trying to embroider the eyes on the sack so it went into time out for a break.
Elaine is down to the wire on her blanket and she STILL has enough yarn for at least two more blankets!
Liz knitted a few more inches of hat and then switched out for a scarf. I'm glad to see I'm not the only "polygamous knitter". I never knit just one project at a time from start to finish.
Sofia joined us again and showed us her progress on the second sleeve of her baby sweater.
The evening group had a full house too.
I borrowed the slipped stitch portion of the Copenhagen Calling Cowl to make a hat with some yarn scraps. I love this pattern and it's so easy to knit.
Carole finished her slouchy hat called High Woods. It has a highly textured section which adds interest without difficulty.
Beth brought us her finished Berruti hat, another highly textured design.
Beth finished a smaller hat which will fit a young child. We talked about how much we enjoy making clothes to donate because we don't have to worry about size. Our motto is, "It's going to fit somebody!"
Maureen made a lot of progress on her Zoe hat. The design is showing up nicely.
Carole just passed the midpoint on her Chinook scarf. It's knitted from end to end and the edging is worked along with the scarf. It's great when you don't have to pick up stitches!
Beth had enough yarn left from the hat to make another only with opposite stripe colors.
Dorah's Sweetie Pie hat is almost to the decreasing crown section. Those baby cables are so cute.
And Margaret's Barley Hat has great stitch definition. She brought it to work to knit in her free time and then couldn't find it when she got home. It turns out it was left on her desk at the office. Whew!
This past weekend hubby and I went to Pennsylvania to watch our daughter perform in her local theater production of "Beauty and the Beast". She is the blonde (not naturally) on the far right and she designed and made these three costumes for "The Silly Girls" who swoon over Gaston.
The show was so much fun and the people are so talented. We had a great time and enjoyed it all the more knowing it was our daughter on the stage!

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