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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

We had a visitor today

Kathleen's daughter, Margaret, came down from Vermont for a visit and brought one of her beautiful quilts to show us. Kathleen has told us about the great work Margaret does with her quilting talents, so we finally got to see for ourselves up close and personal. What a stunner it was too!
 Margaret has a long arm sewing machine so she can do the quilting without scrunching up the whole thing on a regulation size sewing machine. This quilt was a mystery pattern where the leader gives you the color palette and the pieces are distributed at a scheduled time so you don't know what the finished quilt will look like until it's done. It is beautiful!
 Like her sisters Pat and Kathy, Margaret fit right into the flock with the Chicks. We had fun talking with her about her fiber art hobbies.
 While she visited she started a hat which she will donate when it's finished. At the rate she's knitting, that should be sometime tomorrow afternoon!
Meanwhile, Kathleen brought two pairs of mittens,
and a sweet lace baby sweater, plus...
her own finished spiral hat (see pattern link above).
Elaine added a jaunty little flower to her little girl's hat and...
she started a pretty striped scarf after last week's stash hunt. It could work as a set with the hat.
Barbara's Cabin Fever Buttons Cardigan Jacket is showing progress. She was bored with the stockinette stitch so she decided to knit this one all in garter stitch.
On to our evening knitters...Beth is back from her winter break and returned with two finished hats.
She was mulling over whether or not to put the pompoms on top but we all decided the hats looked finished without one. She wasn't going to argue!
Dorah started the one row scarf pattern from The Yarn Harlot, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. She decided to break up the pattern a bit by striping it with wide bands of color. She likes this pattern so much it just might be her go-to pattern from now on.
Beth started a new hat tonight using a Plymouth Encore yarn. I didn't catch the pattern. Sorry!
And Maureen is almost finished with her hat. We won't be seeing her now until after April 15. Tax season is upon us! We'll miss you Maureen!
The Mistake Stitch Scarf I'm knitting is almost done. I'm about halfway through the second ball of yarn. I think there is another skein in the stash so I might be adding a hat to match.
And because I cannot resist the siren call of a new yarn and pattern, I had to start this pretty little gem. It's called Minty Bricks and it's a very easily memorized pattern. It seems to be knitting up quickly too. I'm using a Periwinkle Sheep Yarn but sorry, I don't know the colorway.
And remember the sock blankie for my son? I delivered it to him on Sunday and he placed it on the bed so I could see it in action. It fits! I held my breath because originally he said he wanted it for a full size bed but after I was halfway through it he changed his mind and wanted it for a queen size bed. It's a good thing I decided to add a few blocks to either side.
We had a long talk with his kitty, Joules. She understands she is NOT allowed anywhere near it.
Besides I bought her a cozy bed of her own!

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