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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

We had visitors today

I love when there are school vacations because then we get to see Cinzia's daughters. Sophia (on right) and Elena (on left) came to visit today and dove right into their projects. Sophia is knitting a baby hat with a jewel toned red and Elena is crocheting a scarf using a boucle-like yarn in denim blue. These are two very talented young ladies and we really enjoy their company.
Their mother, Cinzia, is making progress on the little cardigan she's knitting. The fronts are attached to the sleeves and she is now knitting down the back. I wonder what kind of buttons she'll use.
Elaine finished a cute little pom-pom hat. I like the rolled edge finish on it.
Now she is working on this cute little striped hat. This is a good way to use up those scraps of yarn that aren't long enough for a whole garment. Waste not, want not!
Kathleen brought in a set for our inventory. Here again is a stripe made from that bit of leftover yarn.
Now she's working on another Baby Sophisticate cardigan. I noticed that Ravelry now has a child sized version for sale but the baby size is still free.
Beth brought in her finished afghan that is a wedding gift for someone. This is the blanket I told you about before. She knitted it double wide with a simple band of stockinette down the middle and then she CUT IT APART!!! The stockinette section is called a steek and it's sole purpose is to give you a space to cut the knitted fabric apart so you can pick up and knit a button band.
This blanket is designed to be one large or two smaller blankets when you unbutton the middle. This is a beautiful wedding gift!
After all that knitting Beth needed something mindless to work on so she chose this sweet little girl cardigan. It's a top-down, seamless sweater and Beth is just past the sleeve openings so now it's straight stockinette to the end. 
Carole's Peanut Warmer with the asymmetrical front is so cute! A few more inches for the body and then she'll knit the sleeves. This is also a top-down, seamless garment.
Last week I started a simple baby hat, also top-down and seamless. I haven't decided if I'm going to knit a garter edge or 2X2 ribbed edge.
You'll have to come back next week to see.

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AlisonH said...

I love the two-and-one wedding blanket idea.