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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Look who's back!

It's Maureen! That means tax season is over! Yay! We really missed her. We had lots of news to catch up on including books read, children's visits, etc. It felt good to have a full house tonight.
 Beth showed us the scarf she made using Kauni yarn her daughter gifted to her. The colors are gorgeous and we all admired Beth's skilled handiwork. The Noro Herringbone Scarf pattern can be found for sale on Ravelry.
 For the past four months Maureen has been so busy with taxes that she hasn't knitted a stitch for herself so she tried to catch up on a cowl she was knitting before her busy time.
Carole knitted one sleeve of her Peanut Warmer and finished it by the end of the evening. 
 She and Beth are working on a project called the Crackerjack Scarf. It's a free "recipe" on Ravelry that guides you how to knit a scarf which represents your favorite baseball team's progress for the year. You pick four colors of yarn to represent home wins and losses and away wins and losses and then you knit two rows for every game played according to their success or not. Carole's team colors represent the Boston Red Sox, red is a home game win, light gray a home game loss, navy blue is an away game win, and dark gray away game loss. She is knitting it in the round to make a double thick, long scarf. Although, after looking at it Carole decided that she just might frog it and make a single thickness scarf with a fringed edge.
 Beth's scarf represents the Pittsburgh Pirates. The yellow yarn is for a home win, white for a home loss, black is for an away win, and gray an away loss. It's a unique idea and no two scarves will be the same!
 Look at how nice Dorah's hoodie turned out after being blocked. She knitted two i-cords for ties but forgot to bring them. She's forgiven! LOL! She has a lot on her plate right now since she's packing up her house for a move.
 I finished a pair of baby socks that turned out to be fraternal twins. I used a mash up of a couple of patterns. Basically, it's the Yankee Knitter Design basic family of socks pattern but I knitted them toe-up, two-at-a-time, magic loop using Staci Perry's video on German short rows instead of wrap and turn short rows. Sooooo much easier!
And I never have to experience Second Sock Syndrome again!

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AlisonH said...

That would be hard, to have work devour so much time that you can't even relax with a knitting project. Glad she's back now!