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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Karin's and Jody's Excellent Adventure Among the Orchids

Every spring my knitter friend Karin and I make the two and a half hour drive down from Albany to "da Bronx" to take in the annual Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Gardens. As soon as I see this view of the conservatory my heart races a bit with anticipation knowing what beautiful blossoms are inside.
 The main arrangement set the theme "Chandeliers". It was breathtaking!
 Karin and I started our tour saying that this year we were not going to take 483 pictures of flowers. Yeah, right!
 Even the moss covered baskets were beautiful. And some of the orchids were chocolate scented. What a perfume!!!
 The bromeliads were blooming too.
 I grow purple phaleonopsis in my kitchen window but they aren't this plentiful!
 The pink cymbidiums were so graceful.
 I don't remember the variety of this orchid but this is the view from underneath the blossom.
This is what you see from above. Still beautiful!
The anthuriums stood out among the greens in all their waxy glory.
 Our ride down was a bit rainy and cloudy but once we arrived the sun shone on us a warm welcome.
 In the distance we saw a blue haze on the lawn. Up close and personal were these little blue beauties.
 Karin and I loved the delicate yellow blossoms of this Veitch Winter Hazel.
 During the tram ride we passed the azaleas in full bloom.
 We hopped off the tram to catch the magnificent magnolias at a slower pace.
She's like a graceful ballerina. 
 And look at that beautiful blue sky!
 We stopped at the newly renovated cafe for a tasty, but pricey lunch. I guess you pay for the pretty!
 This spot always brings me peace. Maybe I'll have my ashes scattered here!
 Those blossoms take my breath away.
We couldn't leave without taking a selfie! 
Thanks Karin for another memorable visit to the orchids!

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Karin said...

Beautiful, Jody!!! What a great day.