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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


When you can't find 5 matching buttons that you like do what Kathleen did. This sweater is so cheerful with it's colorful assorted buttons! It reminds me of a box of crayons.
 Kathleen knitted a summer sweater and hat set and added cute pink buttons here.
 And the yellow buttons look darling on her blue shrug.
 Having just enough yarn left, Kathleen finished off her delivery with a sweet little hat.
 Barbara was back from vacation and got to work on the blanket she started before she went away. And Elaine started the last skein of Berroco Comfort to finish off her Mistake Stitch Scarf.
 Beth used a nylon/acrylic blend yarn for this cute little hat. It's as soft as a cloud.
 Now she's working on a gathered yoke sweater. It's knitted top-down without seaming. I think this might be the pattern.
 And Carole made great progress on her Peanut Warmer sweater with the asymmetrical front.
 Dorah is darn near finished with the hoodie. I think all that's left to do is make the ties and sew the hoodie seam.
 I finished the Sunnyside sweater last week and this week added the hat to match. 
 I do love these buttons!
 What do you make with small amounts of yardage of yarn? Why a pair of thumbless mittens of course! That I-cord is supposed to be passed through the coat sleeves so the mittens don't get lost.
I think I should make myself a pair! I'm always misplacing my gloves!

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Such sweet projects!