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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

WARNING: Our Yarn Fairy Godmother paid us a visit

We are now set for a long time! We sorted 9 more bags of a yarn donation and the afternoon ladies oohhed and aahhed their way through all kinds of beautiful fibers. Liz was setting up for her winter knitting and Barbara became dizzy with ideas.
Barbara was telling me that this skein was calling my name.
 Kathleen left with an armful. No doubt she will knit it all in a few weeks!
 My evening ladies were taken by surprise too. DH stood watch in case anyone swooned and needed resuscitation. LOL!
It was like Christmas morning. 
 Look at this one! Feel this one! I'm taking this one!
 Now for some show and tell. One of Kathleen's daughters is a master quilter and made this lovely lap robe for her. Since we all appreciate any kind of fiber art, Kathleen knew we would love this. The colors are beautiful.
 Margaret's skills are perfect. Look at those corners!
 The center star has Kathleen's and her late husband's name embroidered in the points.
 And that pinwheel is all stitching. The fabric selections are a gorgeous array of patterns and colors. Beautiful work!
 Back to our knitting. Kathleen continues to knit on a sweater vest using Cascade 220 Heather blue. But those huge sections of stockinette get kind of boring so...
she is working on another sweater vest using a soft merino yarn with a subtle color change.
 In between those sweaters she also finished a pair of "Dorm Boots" with a sturdy acrylic yarn. They will really stand up to a rough wearing.
 Liz added a lace scarf to our inventory and...
 a nice warm Mistake Stitch Scarf and...
 a lovely cowl, which needs a large wooden button to add the finishing touch.
 This week Liz will be working on a slouchy hat to go with the purple scarf.
 I finished the hat to match my DD's design for the Parallelogram Cowl. By sheer dumb luck, I had exactly the right number of buttons and spaced them out just right.
 Barbara's Dorm Boots practically glow in the dark! No need for a nightlight. LOL! I love their cheerfulness.
 Barbara's current project is a Mistake Stitch Scarf using some of our newest yarn. Pretty colors!
 Carole has only five more leaves to knit on her scarf. She's glad it's almost finished. Those long scarves get to all of us. We feel all excited and inspired when we start them and then about three quarters of the way through, we can't wait to be finished. But it's such a great feeling to bind off that last stitch!
 Maureen finished the leafy slouch hat.
 Such a cute pattern and a beautiful color!
Now Maureen is finishing up this very textured cowl. I can't wait to see it completed.
 Dorah started this lovely hat tonight.
By night's end she had quite a lot done.
A great big thank you to our Yarn Fairy Godmother. She knows it will be put to good use and we really appreciate every beautiful fiber! Now I have to figure out where I'm going to store all of it. We joked tonight that we are sure we're all going to live long, healthy lives because we can't die until it's all knitted! LOL!

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AlisonH said...

So much joy in this post!

Barbara's dorm boots look like the yarn I picked out for my mom to teach me how to knit in 1969.