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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Filling the coffers with yarn

Barbara's pretty cabled hat is finished. She used Periwinkle Sheep Yarn. Our friend, Karin, kettle dyes in small batches the most beautiful colors!
 She also made a baby afghan as a gift for a friend. She was 8 rows from binding off and ran out of yarn! She emailed all of us and other knitting friends and stores until she found a skein to finish it off. We've all had nightmares of that happening. Thank goodness she found some yarn to complete those last rows.
 This pattern is from the Plymouth Encore 8 Hour Blankets pattern book. Each blanket uses two strands of yarn and work up quickly. This blanket has a nice modular looking block pattern that's knitted across the whole row so there is no sewing together little squares of knitting.
 This afternoon Barb started knitting a scarf using this beautiful bamboo/cotton blend yarn but she wasn't getting the results she expected so it was frogged and set aside until inspiration strikes. I can't wait to see what she creates with it.
 Kathleen arrived with her usual tote bag filled with finished items. Barb and I laughed at those striped mittens because we had so much of that striped yarn that there must have been at least 3 hats, 2 sweaters, and now these mittens. I think that's the last of that yarn.
 Kathleen's magic bag also magically produced this lovely hat and matching mittens and...
 this beautifully bright Chinook scarf, which Barb so graciously offered to model for us. Kathleen used more Periwinkle Sheep Yarn for this.
And YAY! The never-ending scarf is finished! The pattern is only 4 rows long and easy to memorize but after awhile it gets tedious. So Kathleen was happy to be done with it.
 And lastly, Kathleen added a pair of slippers which she decorated with little handmade flowers.
 This week Kathleen will be making this sweater vest using...
 this heathered Cascade yarn. Pretty color!
 On to the evening knitters.
 Beth made a baby sweater using our favorite Sunnyside Cardigan. It's a baby gift
for a friend.
                                          She finished her cowl and moved on to...
a Mistake Stitch Scarf. We talked about how sometimes we need a mindless knitting pattern that we can just breeze through without thinking and this fits the bill.
Carole's Saroyan has grown in length since last week. It's going to be a beautiful addition to someone's wardrobe.
Look at all the progress Maureen made since last week! I can't wait to see her slouch hat finished.
Ravelry offered a free pattern called Color Theory and I had some Plymouth Gina yarn and 
Tah! Dah!
This is my DD's pattern for her Parallelogram cowl. Now I'm working on a hat to match.
And here's my Lil' Scarfette. I'm using the Magic Loop method of knitting in the round instead of using Double Pointed needles. This scarf will be a double thick, long rectangle with points on both ends using a sock weight yarn. The beginning was a bit tricky but once I had more stitches on the needles it started to breeze along.
The weather is getting cooler around here so soon we'll be knitting bigger projects again. Check back next week to see what we're adding to our inventory. Have a great week!

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