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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Somebody is 3 years old! And Moose is visiting while the Chicks are knitting

Somebody had a Dinosaur Birthday Party to celebrate turning 3 years old! His Mommy made a volcano cake and his big brother, Moose, decorated it with dinosaurs getting caught in the lava.
Yes, my grandson Leo turned 3 yesterday and we went to Pennsylvania over the weekend to help him celebrate. That was a delicious peanut butter and chocolate cake with strawberry "lava" sauce.
 Moose read all the birthday cards to Leo so he could get right to the gifts.
 Then Moose came back home to NY with Poppop and me for his first overnight vacation without the family. We have been having all sorts of outings. Uncle Drew joined us at the Funplex where he and Moose got caught in the water jets in the Bumper Boats ride.
They got very wet!
 Then Moose tried to run inside the bubble like a hamster but had trouble maintaining his balance. It was hysterical to watch!
 He even tried hitting a few pitches in the batting cage. Once he got the hang of it, he did quite well.
On Monday, since I had to leave my car with the mechanic we had to walk almost two miles to the local shopping center to find something to buy for Leo. It was a sunny day and Moose was a real trooper, never complaining about the long walk. As a treat we stopped for lunch and then browsed through a used book store where we found "Strega Nona Meets Her Match" by my favorite children's author and illustrator, Tomie dePaola.
 On Tuesday, after we visited Great Grandpa Billy, we went to the local library to pick out this week's bedtime book. Moose likes the Henry Winkler series about Hank Zipzer so we picked out another one.
 That evening called for a treat so off to the local Tastee Freeze for a twister cone. Don't ask Moose for a taste! LOL!
Today Moose met Uncle Drew's favorite barber, Nikki. She gave Moose the royal treatment and a great haircut! Doesn't he look handsome?! That's Poppop Ron photobombing in the back. As Moose was cuddling at bedtime last night he said to me, "Deedee, I'm so glad I came to spend the week with you. I'm having a good time. I love you."
 Now for some knitting. Last night Carole showed us the progress she made on her Saroyan scarf. The yarn she is using is a blend of fibers with angora and cashmere. Very soft!
 And her cowl is finished!
 It can be worn as one loop....
 or doubled around the neck.
 Maureen finished her leaf hat from last week and ...
 already started another one in a slouchy version.
 I'm about halfway through a neck warmer pattern designed by my daughter. I'm using one strand of Cascade 220 and two strands of Kid Seta mohair and silk. It makes a lovely halo and is very soft.
Well, since Moose is still here I think I've just about used up my free time and need to check what he's up to. It's just a little too quiet!

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