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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cuteness everywhere!

Kathleen started off Show and Tell with her not-quite-finished hoodie. She spent the afternoon picking up stitches around the neckline to knit the hood portion. The yarn is a self-striping, washable blend of acrylic and nylon and has a bit of shine to it.
 Adding to the inventory was another little bonnet from Kathleen and lastly....
 another darling pullover. 
 Liz put the finishing touches on this sweet little sweater...
 and then moved on to another color of the same sweater.
 Cinzia picked out a baby blanket pattern and worked up a gauge swatch. Bless her heart! You all know how I feel about those!
 In spite of sundown, it was pretty steamy and hot on the deck by evening time so we all opted to stay in with the AC.
Carole finished blocking the cute little set she had been knitting.
 The lace is such a pretty touch and the flower buttons are so cute!
 Next up on Carole's list is a colorful version of Sunnyside. We talked about how great a resource Ravelry is to handcrafters. Carole knew how much yarn she had and what weight it was so she just googled the particulars and came up with a pattern appropriate for her requirements.
 Maureen and Dorah worked on their sweaters too. Maureen wasn't able to make much progress since last week but Dorah's sweater looks bigger.
 It's just about ready for the ribbing and bind off and then on to the sleeves.
I finished blocking my eyelet baby blanket and it improved the appearance tremendously.
There was enough yarn left over to make a baby hat too. It's knitted with size 2 needles so I'm finding I need to rest my hands more often. 
Those tiny needles make my fingers cramp if I knit too long. I guess I'll just have to do more "Hand Yoga"!

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AlisonH said...

Those are going to be happy babies!

Wondering--does anyone have a favorite baby knitting book?