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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Knitting Outdoors and In

   Two weeks in a row we had lovely deck weather. It was about 84 degrees out yesterday but with      the drapes blocking the direct sun and the fans blowing, it was balmy enough to enjoy knitting                       outside.  Unfortunately for the night time group of knitters, we had a doozy of a thunderstorm around dinnertime which prevented us from knitting out on the deck in the evening.             
I finished the Mitered Baby Jacket using a few yards of Periwinkle Sheep Watercolors II in Hot Pink to make an I-cord edging. The main body of the sweater was Zitron Trekking XXL. Both yarns are fingering weight sock yarns.
Then I caught up with my Sunnyside Cardigan. This is made with another Periwinkle Sheep yarn, color Raggle Taggle Gypsy. As you can see, I've just started one of the sleeves. I love those little cables accenting the raglan lines and the button bands!
Barbara is making a sweater for her granddaughter from the pattern book 60 Quick Baby Knits. She followed the directions and didn't like the wide kimono sleeves for such a petite little girl. So she adjusted the sleeve portion of the pattern to suit a smaller arm and will frog the wider one and reknit it to match the other.
Kathleen brought a selection of FO's this week, again! She makes the rest of us look bad! LOL!
Her current project will be a Baby Sophisticate cardigan. It is constructed from the top down to make it seamless. Then stitches are picked up along the button bands and the collar to make the cutest shawl collar.
Beth finished her green Wynkyn cardigan. This was the one she was panicking about running out of yarn so she knitted the sleeves before she finished the body.
And it's a good thing she did! That's how much yarn she had left at the end of the sweater! That's what experience will do for you. She could tell just by squeezing the ball of yarn that it might not be enough!
The buttons Beth chose for the sweater are perfect. They reflect the blues, grays, and greens in the sweater and look so cute.
The other sweater she was working on last week was "Flax" from Tincan Knits. It's a freebie on Ravelry. Since it was a gift which had to be mailed, Beth took a photo to show us the finished sweater.
And now she has started another one using Plymouth Encore in this bright, cheerful yellow. Encore is a great worsted weight yarn for children's clothing since it can be machine washed and dried.
Dorah finished her "Eden Prairie" shawl last night. It's gorgeous! It's all garter stitch and modular knitting with a touch of Intarsia at the end.
It has lots of loose ends to work in but it's worth it to have such a lovely finished shawl. Every time I see it I think of Frank Lloyd Wright's beautiful stained glass designs.
Great job Dorah! What's next in your queue?

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AlisonH said...

Love love love all the beautiful knitting! As always. As for thunderstorms--I remember those... Although, with travel soon to Atlanta, I have learned not to ask for real weather when going back East--last time I did we had a tornado touch down at Dulles airport five minutes after our flight skidded on the runway there.