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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Keeping babies in style

Barbara's project this week is a sweet pair of baby mittens. As you can see, they will have a safety cord attached to slip through the sleeves of a jacket so they don't get lost. I think I could use one of those. Or maybe the little elastic clips that connect to the cuff of your jacket. Do any of you remember having those when you were a kid? Or am I just showing my age?!
Barbara is using a colorful tweedy yarn. I'm sure she'll be finished by next week.
Liz put the finishing touches on her pink girly hoodie by sewing the picot hem.
Then she started a baby cardigan from a free pattern she found while surfing the net.
As you can see in the pattern photo, it is knit seamlessly from the top down, using a circular yoke with a little lace patterning.
Kathleen finished the Baby Sophisticate cardigan. I love how it reminds me of a professor's cardigan. All it needs is elbow patches and a pipe full of chocolate tobacco! LOL!
I doubt that a professor would wear such "stylin'" buttons though!
Adding to our inventory were three more bonnets that Kathleen just whipped up during the week.
And she's already on to another pullover, using a washable acrylic yarn.
Cinzia (our newest Chick) started another stylish cardigan from a book she borrowed from the library. Sorry I didn't get the name of it. It is knit in an unusual way.
It is cast on from the bottom back edge...
Then at the designated spot more stitches are cast on to make sleeves. The pattern then instructs the knitter to continue up and over the shoulders and down the front. Pretty ingenious, if I say so myself!
My Sunnyside is finished. And I love the cables...
not to mention the cute buttons I found in my stash! It took the last five buttons I had. I'm so glad too. I hate it when I'm left with one sorry button.
Maureen's cardigan made it to the row where she had to put the sleeve stitches on holders so she can continue on down the body. This is our favorite Cabin Fever Cardigan pattern.
Here is Beth's Flax pullover I told you about last week. That bright, sunny yellow will look great on a happy baby. It's from Plymouth called Encore, another washable yarn blend.
And this wonky mess is the before picture of an eyelet baby blanket I finished last night. It's knit from the center out, first on double pointed needles and then switching to circulars when it's big enough. I purchased the pattern from Staci Perry on Ravelry. It's called Eyelet Baby Blanket, oddly enough!
I'm hoping to find time this week to block it so you can see how pretty it really is. So I guess I had better get a move on! See you next week.

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AlisonH said...

That's a lot of happy babies and their parents, soon!