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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Welcome Back Snowbird!

Liz is back! She was missed by all and it feels good to have all my Chicks back in the flock. While she was away a friend gave her an unfinished baby sweater with the promise she could keep it if she finished it. Well, like me, Liz hates to pick up stitches so Kathleen, bless her! offered to finish it for our donations.
 It did not come with instructions but it should be pretty straight forward...just pick up and knit a button band and neck band. I love the lacy pattern down the front.
 While she was away Liz knitted a few things for our inventory. This cute little sac set is from Lion Brand Thick and Quick. I believe it's a wool and acrylic blend yarn. It's very soft to the touch.
 She also made a perfect little car seat blanket in what looks like a complicated basket weave pattern.
 To add to her list are two of the sweetest baby hats! I love the leafy top!
Barbara had just enough yarn to finish off the pink hat from last week. It was touch and go there for the last few rows but she managed to eek out the very end of the hat.
 The buttons Kathleen found for her little jacket are the perfect compliment to the striped jacket.
 And Cinzia actually finished this little hat before we adjourned the afternoon group.
 Tonight Carole showed us her next project, this lacy little number.
This sweater is knitted from the bottom up in one piece. We were discussing the fact that her gauge by row was spot on but stitch gauge was off. Don't get me started on that again! Carole decided to just make the sweater longer to make up for the wider width. That works for me!
Do you remember the pink pullover Carole finished last week? I liked it so much I decided to start one in a more masculine color. It's really a heathered tan not the grey as it shows up here.
I made a little more progress on the Ten Stitch Blanket too.
Maureen is working furiously on her baby blanket and...
Dorah actually finished the sleeves on her little cardigan after I took this photo.
Beth's little cardigan is looking cuter and cuter each week. Can't wait to see it finished with it's buttons.
I'm still working on two other blankets as well. I guess it's obvious I had a case of startitis. But really some patterns are just not for knitting and talking so I had to find some garter stitch patterns so I could be sociable when the Chicks are here. Really! 

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