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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We have some FO's

I blocked two things today. I used Periwinkle Sheep Yarn in the colorway Cayenne for this scarf. The lace was a straight scarf originally but I wanted to make it into a triangular scarf so I could wear it like a cowl. 
 I was going to write the pattern down but my mind just got too confused. It was much easier knitting it than trying to put it on paper.
 I also blocked the toddler hoodie I finished last week. Now I just need a cute button for the neckline.
 I started a baby blanket last week using a purchased pattern from Staci Perry has designed a lovely pattern and I'm enjoying each stitch of it.
 I needed a project that I could work on while talking and the above blanket wasn't it, so I started a Ten Stitch Blanket. I'm using all the leftover scraps of Cascade 220 worsted weight and just knitting around and around and around until I think it's big enough or I get bored, whichever comes first.
 Kathleen finished the buttons on her Cabin Fever jacket and...
 finished a Baby Sophisticate jacket just for good measure! So cute!
Barbara picked a good pattern for stash busting. Her baby hat uses DK weight Cascade 220.
 Carole's pullover is finished and looking sweet. She used Plymouth Encore so it's machine washable.
 Maureen is back!!! She has a baby shower coming up and has to hurry up and knit a gift. This will be a cute blanket when completed.
 Dorah is almost finished with the body of her baby cardigan. I see sleeves in the near future.
 And Beth is using a self patterning sock yarn for her little cardigan. It's going to be so sweet!
I think I'll hunt through my stash for some sock yarn and make one too. Can you say "Startitis"?

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AlisonH said...

I can just picture Karin's face beaming at the beautiful shawl you made from her yarn.