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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sweaters, sweaters, sweaters!

Barbara put the finishing touches on the sweet little hoodie I showed you last week. She used a Plymouth Encore yarn that is self-striping. We talked about how to get the stripes to match up on the sleeves. There is a ton of waste yarn sometimes because you have to pull the skein until you reach the right spot in the color run. This one turned out just right.
 Liz worked on a baby sac. The last few rows will accommodate a cord so the sac can be opened at the bottom for diaper changing.
 Cinzia started the second of a pair of baby booties. Now she has to go home and look for the first one. She laughed telling us about how she was showing a friend what she had knitted recently and now she can't find the original bootie. It will turn up, don't worry!
 Kathleen finished the simple baby pullover using Plymouth Encore. We all love this pattern that Carole showed us, so I'm sure you'll be seeing various versions of it for the next few weeks.
 Kathleen's go-to pattern for an easy, portable knit is her favorite mitten pattern. She knits up a pair in no time at all.
 Beth displayed her finished Wynkyn cardigan. She used a self-patterning sock yarn which never fails to amuse. All that fancy color work and all you do is knit!
 Dorah's cardigan just needed a tie at the neck so....
 Carole and I volunteered to make some twist ties. It took us three tries to get two to match in size and twist! Finally!
 Now a cute baby will have a proper closing sweater!
I've got a sock weight yarn cardigan and another pullover on needles but they are not quite ready for their close-ups. And I've added a few more inches to the Ten Stitch Blanket but really, how many times does one have to look at that?!!! I'll wait until it's finished and blocked to show you that again. I need to get back to the sleeves on a pullover for a friend's new baby. Almost done. I'll show you next week. Keep those needles clicking!


Karin said...

Everyone's projects are just wonderful!

AlisonH said...

I love how the camera angle makes the baby sweater look, as every toddler likes to say, SO big!