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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cute little baby clothes!

Last week I showed you the beginnings of Barbara's baby mittens. Well here they are! They are so cute! And they're about a minute big!
 Barb's new project is this cute baby hat using a Cascade 220 DK weight yarn.
 Kathleen brought in another Cabin Fever Cardigan with a matching hat. I think by now she has made so many of these little jackets that she has the pattern memorized!
 She has already started another one in a beautiful coral color.
And has even found some cute buttons in the "communal button box" for it.
 We have a new Chick in the flock! That's Cinzia on the right knitting the same hat as Barbara is knitting. We are so happy she has decided to join our afternoon group. Welcome Cinzia!
Beth finished her Brickless shawl and we'll be putting it in storage until we finish our baby project. This scarf or shawl is an interesting pattern. There are three different wedges of stitching giving it a lacy and ridged appearance.
 Carol modeled the different ways it can be worn.
 This way was our favorite, all cuddled up around the neck on a cold winter's day.
Beth finished another Martina Boehm scarf/shawl called Miss Winkle. She used Periwinkle Sheep yarn for it. Isn't that a lovely springy green?!
And look at that curly cue edging! So clever and unique.
It's another one of those scarves that cuddle up around the neck.
Now she is moving on to a baby cardigan using Opal sock yarn.  The pattern is called Wynkyn and it's one of those great top down sweaters so there is no sewing required! My favorite kind of knitting!
And remember I told you last week that Carole would probably have the body of her sweater finished? Tonight she knitted 2" of the sleeve already.
The hoodie I worked on last week is done now too. It needs a thorough blocking though. The bottom hem keeps curling up and driving me crazy!
That's all we have to show you this week. I'd say it was quite a lot though. I am so lucky to have such dedicated ladies who are willing to devote so much time to helping out. God bless you Chicks!

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