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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Check out what made us LOL!

We started our afternoon with new projects. Kathleen started a new shawl in a warm, rich, russet almost berry color.
 The details of the stitch are very pretty. Plus Kathleen said it's a four row pattern and only one of the rows is different from the other three easy rows. That's my kind of pattern! Looks good but is really easy!
 Kathleen added another pair of warm mittens and...
 a nice warm hat. She was a bit unhappy with the results of the yarn as it didn't have the elasticity of a natural fiber and ended up being way too big around her head. But with a little genius, Kathleen inserted a bit of elastic thread in the brim and VOILA'! It fits!
 Liz's new scarf is taking shape nicely.
 And Barbara started a cowl from a free pattern.
 She is using a bulky weight baby alpaca yarn that is as soft as a cloud! The halo of the yarn makes a beautiful fabric and adds to the softness and warmth. And the color! OH! It's the most gorgeous coral you ever saw!
 I finished my Baby Surprise Jacket after making some last minute design changes. I was going to make it using all variegated yarn but thought it might be too busy. After searching the stash, I found the perfect blue wool to add to the mix. 
 I finished it off with an I-cord edge and now I just have to find the right buttons for it.
 We started off the evening knitting group with a good laugh. Maureen picked a pattern for a man's hat and noticed that the photographer must not have looked at the background after taking the picture. Take a look at the next pic and you'll see what I mean.
 That is just sad!!!
 But the photo faux pas doesn't take away from Maureen's knitting.
 Beth's photo book filled with memories of her recent trip to France helped to nicely break up some of the knitting time. Thanks for sharing your trip with us Beth. The photos were beautiful! Good job Ed!
Last up is a striped scarf I started yesterday. I struggle to find patterns that have a more masculine style since girly things are so much fun to knit. But my old standby is the Jared Flood version of what he calls the Noro Striped Scarf. 
I'm using fingering weight yarn so this will take me a few weeks to finish. I might get bored before then so don't be surprised if I start something else before this is finished.

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