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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Catching up with two weeks worth of knitting

Sorry I've been away for so long. I sneezed and threw my back out and couldn't sit long enough to post pictures of two weeks ago and then it was my wedding anniversary and the Chicks decided I needed the day off. So here we are with photos from some finished items and some in progress from the last time the Chicks knitted together two weeks ago.
Barbara finished a soft bulky knit cowl. She actually made up a new "design element". That's what we all call mistakes that don't show up. We laughed because we have all done it. But as long as it doesn't affect fit or shaping, who cares?! This will surely keep someone fashionably warm!
 Here is another cowl that Barbara knitted. This one is exactly as the pattern was written. See? You can't tell the difference between what's knitted according to instructions and one that has a difference of one stitch. They are both very nice.
 Two weeks ago Kathleen was almost finished with her shawl. Later I'll show you the completed picture of it.
 And here is Kathleen's Noro Striped Scarf almost finished. Check further down later to see it on the model.
 Liz started these cute booties for adults.
 They knit up very quickly and require only a little sewing.
 She is also working on a lace scarf.
 My man's scarf is also a Noro Striped Scarf pattern. I used one variegated and one solid sock weight yarn to make a 5 inch wide scarf on a size 5 needle.
 I made only a little progress on my Catkin because of the back issues.
 The same goes for my Fagus shawl. I was kind of busy last week with my grandsons visiting.
 Carole finished her scarf and 
 Dorah is still working on hers.
 Maureen started a cabled hat which anyone can wear.
 And here's the reason why I didn't get much knitting done last week. My boys kept me busy and laughing all week.
 Moose took his first golf lesson at Poppop's golf club and really enjoyed himself. He's the one in the blue cap and dark shirt to the right. Don't they look like a bunch of little old men! LOL! I love it!
 My husband said Moose's golf instructor qualifies for sainthood with all he had to deal with the little ones! 
 The awards ceremony was held poolside where Moose won a dozen golf balls for winning the Bullesye Chipping Contest and a golf glove for placing seventh in the overall game.
When Moose turned six we promised him a trip to Fort Ticonderoga to learn some facts about the Revolutionary War. He was thrilled to walk in the footsteps of real soldiers from the American Revolution.
 Leo not so much! HA!
 Moose was so excited for this shot. Can you tell? These soldiers were dressed for the French and Indian War. Next summer they will have costumes from the American Revolution. Looks like we'll be making another trip to Ticonderoga!
 Maybe by next year Leo will be more enthusiastic! 
 Today I'll show you Liz's finished booties. They really didn't take long at all.
 And her lace scarf is finished too.
 Kathleen made a pair of adult dorm boots too.
 And here are her finished shawl and scarf from the photos above.
The yellow makes this so cheery which will be nice in the thick of a cold winter.
Here is my scarf finished. I'm happy to be done with it. The colors were starting to drag me down but I'm very happy with the completed scarf.
Liz's scarf on the model.
Maureen finished her cabled hat. I love the details of the stitching.
Do you remember a few weeks ago I showed you Beth's monkey blanket and told you she was going to cut it? Well, she did it! And after cutting the tube open to make a flat blanket she picked up a ZILLION stitches along the edges and knitted that cute decorative band. It looks great!
Even the back looks wonderful. She will be sewing a backing on it however so no little fingers get caught in the yarn and pull out the pattern.
Last up is Carole's cabled cowl which looks great. The texture is so yummy and cuddly.
A family member is facing a medical crisis right now so I will be taking some time off from blogging for a bit. Keep our family in your hearts and prayers please. We could really use them.
For the time being, keep those needles clicking.

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AlisonH said...

Beautiful knitting, beautiful and generous hearts behind it, beautiful little boys. Best wishes to all.