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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What we knitted on Paul McCartney's birthday

My daughter will appreciate the nod to Sir Paul this week!
We have many finished items this week. Kathleen brought in her usual multiple FO's (that's finished objects for you non-knitters). These slippers were made with a super bulky yarn that knits up quickly.
To the slippers, Kathleen added two pairs of mittens and a hat. She had me wind six more skeins of yarn for her yesterday so I'm sure Kathleen will be arriving with a boat load more of finished knitting next week.
 Barbara chose this pattern to make a very soft cowl with a Malabrigo yarn in a light orchid.
 Liz brought the hat, cowl and scarf to add to our inventory.
 And Barbara finished the hat and scarf set I showed you before.
 I finished the hat, scarf, and mittens which will join the others to go to the Capital City Rescue Mission in a couple of months.
 Over the weekend I finished this cowl too. I started out with about 200 yards or so of Periwinkle Sheep sock weight in orchid. I knew I wanted a triangular cowl but couldn't decide how I wanted to finish it off. After a few stops and starts I settled on K2tog, YO until the center spine and then SSK, YO after the center spine. I finished it off with a few rows in garter stitch so it wouldn't curl.
 Beth is taking a class in this darling monkey blanket. It is knitted in the round so you don't have to purl any stitches, sort of like a Fair Isle sweater. It will look like a tube of monkeys. Then she will sew the length of the blanket on either side of a designated area which will reinforce the sides and then...THEN! BETH WILL CUT IT OPEN!!! Yes cut the stitches apart. I get a lump in my throat when I say "cut the knitting". This will enable the blanket to lay flat and give a four sided blanket. Stitches will be picked up all around and a decorative edging will be knitted on. I can't wait to see it finished.
 Carole is better than halfway done with her scarf and thinking about a shawl she wants to knit for herself.
 This is the scarf I showed you last week that Beth is working on with the slipped stitches. Lots of progress showing there.
 And Maureen is gaining length on her baby sweater. Pretty soon she'll be working on sleeves.
There isn't much progress to show on my personal knitting this week. I spent more hours frogging and tinking than I did knitting. That's what I get for having the TV on in the background! I wasn't watching it though...Honest! 

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AlisonH said...

Warm and wonderful and beautiful and wow on that monkey knitting and wait--CUT? Braver women than I!