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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Busy Fingers

Let's start this week's review with our evening group's progress. Dorah picked out a colorful yarn last week and cast on for a scarf. She knitted this much last night and is well on the way to making a cheerful scarf. This will certainly brighten a dreary winter day! 
 Carole's scarf with the magic pleats has gained some length. She is using a fingering or sock weight yarn so it has nice drape-ability. I love to make up my own words! LOL!
 Beth started a scarf using a soft cotton yarn. Those holes are not mistakes. They are meant to be there because when she finishes the scarf, those stitches will be unraveled the whole length of the scarf leaving a lacy open weave look. It's an easy technique for a complicated look.
 Maureen made us laugh when she declared that she is knitting a top-down sweater after all. She didn't think that when she started it. She uses interchangeable needles which make it convenient when there are stitches to be held for later knitting. The sleeve stitches are being held on extra needle cables with end caps in place to prevent those stitches from falling off.
 Kathleen finished her little green cardigan and even added some nice detailing with the yellow stripe.
 She must have a magic button box because she always finds the perfect button for her projects!
 This is one of the mittens she is working on now. By next week she will most likely have a whole set! She is just that fast a knitter!
 Liz's blue scarf has grown quite a bit in length too.
 And Barbara's 2X2 ribbed hat grew quickly during our knitting session. It matches....
 The Mistake Stitch Scarf she started a couple of weeks ago.
I finished a top-down man's hat to go with....
a pair of man's mittens which will match....
the Mistake Stitch scarf I started a couple of weeks ago. I'm almost finished. But I set it aside for a bit to work on my second Catkin.
This was my first Catkin that I made with Periwinkle Sheep Yarn in Audrey Hepburn red and Malabrigo black. They are both fingering weight yarns. I know I made all sorts of negative comments about knitting this but after all was said and done I decided I needed another one.
My new Catkin will be made using all of Periwinkle Sheep's yarn. The deep warm brown is called Murphy's Favorite Pint and the lighter yarn is Aqua. I love the combination of turquoise and brown as it reminds me of the Southwest gemstones with matrix running through it.
As of June 15th, 2013 you will be able to purchase Periwinkle Sheep yarns at Hook A Frog Fiber and Fun. Take a run over there and have a peek after June 15th. I guarantee you'll find Karin's yarns irresistible!

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AlisonH said...

Karin does gorgeous dyework. And I love your new Catkin colors, especially since I have a matrixed turquoise ring my grandfather had made for my grandfather on a reservation lo these many decades ago.