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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Last week we enjoyed warm temperatures and sunshine that we don't often see until late May or June. Today the wind howled like a cold winter day and I was wearing my winter coat again. Even Beth commented that she had to wear the cowl she knitted while she was away in Tucson.
Here is her "Tucson"  Willow cowl. The colors beautifully compliment each other.
 She worked on her Wanderer Cap for the donation inventory. It has a nice traveling cable that zig zags up the sides of the hat.
 I'm still working on the Frostlight scarf, also for donation. It's a very simple four row pattern, but do you think I can remember what row I'm on? For heaven's sake, it's only four rows! Thanks goodness for row counters!
 I said I would have the purple Daybreak shawl finished by this week. I didn't say it would be blocked. A good soaking should improve it's appearance considerably. 
Maybe next week....

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AlisonH said...

Your Frostlight may be being a pain, but it's pretty. It's more sunlight than frost.