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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Warm Spring Evening

Beth brought in the photo album from her winter stay in Arizona. I think she brought the warm weather with her too. It was 78 degrees in the family room tonight. 
DH thumbed through, checking out the headstones from Tombstone, AZ. Beth's husband took many beautiful photos, my favorites being the varieties of cacti. 
Carole worked on her scarf and ran out of yarn before the evening was through.
Beth showed us the sweater she finished that was done as a favor to a family friend. The original knitter passed away before she could finish it so Beth graciously finished it for the family. How nice to have a keepsake to remember the loved one who started it. 
 She also added this pretty hat to our inventory and...
 this cute little sweater.
 The buttons are clear little globes that sparkle and catch the colors of the yarn. So pretty!
I didn't take a photo of my Daybreak shawl but I'm in the homestretch, having four more rows of stripes and then the solid section to finish. If I hope to have the finished shawl to show you next week, I better stop talking and get back to my knitting.

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AlisonH said...

Cool. So the friend's UFO had an after-her-life.