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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Visitor Today

Another of Kathleen's daughter's visited us today. That's her sitting beside her mom. Kathy is visiting from Massachusetts and we hope she visits again soon. And Kathleen brought in her shawl she made using a stitch she made up. It's reversible and has a thermal quality that will keep its wearer nice and warm.
Deeva finished two scarves for our women vets.
And Liz finished her first sock! It's beautiful. I think she said she used a Berroco sock yarn.
She found some perfect buttons for her cowl too.
Barbara showed us the sweater she is making for herself. I'm glad she is finding the time to treat herself to some fine knitting. The sleeves of this lovely sweater come to a point on the top of the hand. So pretty.
As is the detail of the stitching down the front and down the sleeves.
Kathleen is making woven squares using the Weavette Loom which she then sewed together to make the beginning of a coverlet. It's a great way to use up stash leftovers. And as she is saying here, it's so easy!
Tonight found the Chicks working on the same pair of Kimono slippers.
Beth is making both slippers on one needle at the same time.
And Maureen is on her second pair already.
I made these purple ones in one day, making both at once on one needle. I used both ends of a ball of yarn at the same time. I felt like it saved me some time.
I also finished a scarf and hat last week. The scarf is made using the Mistake Stitch. The hat is a basic four needle hat with 2x2 ribbed edge.
Well, I have to get back to my knitting.

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