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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Quiet Day on the Deck

It was a quiet afternoon with just Barbara and me. She is working on a short sleeve cardigan in a pretty sparkly yarn in a copper color that looks beautiful with her hair.
And tonight it was just Maureen and me. Maureen is making another pair of Kimono slippers and I finished my Jaywalker socks for the female veterans.
These felt like the socks that would never end! I started on July 5 and finished on September 13. Ok, so I worked on lots of projects in between these socks too, but still they felt like they took forever! These are truly fraternal twins.
I got news from a cousin in Switzerland that he's a new grandpa so I whipped up a pair of socks for the new baby. The free pattern is Infant Socks by Judy Ellis.
I used size 1 double pointed needles and they are so tiny that I started them yesterday afternoon and finished them this morning. They will go out in the mail tomorrow to welcome new little Mattia to the family.

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AlisonH said...

So cute. Such a lucky baby. Welcome to the world, little Matteo!