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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Babies and knitting, my two favorite hobbies

My grandsons came up for a visit this weekend and I can't believe how much Leo has changed already. He's not quite two weeks old yet and he is already looking chubbier to me. Moose just loves his baby brother and takes every opportunity to cuddle.
I lost a couple of hours to a time consuming chore yesterday, unwinding tape yarn that doesn't want to stay rolled. It started out like this.....
Started looking like this.....
And finished up looking like this. But as soon as I pulled it off the ball winder it began to "scrumble" into a mess again. Yes, I made up that word, crumble, scrap, whatever. It's a mess!
Liz joined Amanda and me this afternoon and showed us her finished cowl which just needs some buttons. The yarn is very soft and will feel nice against the neck.
Amanda is working on a hoodie for Baby Leo which will match the pants she already knitted for him in solid brown.
Moose needed a bath after dinner so why not make it fun too. It was a warm evening and perfect for a little splashing about.
The evening session started with a few gifts for Leo and Moose.
Moose can't wait to hunt for bugs for his bug house.
Karin's daughter, Annemarie, practiced her knits and purls.
And Beth showed us her "Weekend" shawl.
The lace looks so pretty.
Maureen finished a pair of "Kimono" slippers. They look like the letter "T" before they are sewn together and they knitted up quickly.
Beth made this sailboat sweater to go with the sailboat afghan she showed last week. We all laughed about a white baby sweater when she said she didn't have to worry about white, she's not washing it! LOL!
Leo came by for a little visit with everyone tonight. Seems he and Beth were deep in conversation here.
Karen had a turn to cuddle...
as did Annemarie.
Karin showed us a finished sock.
And all too soon Leo was finished with his visit and wanted to eat and go to sleep.
The boys go home tomorrow. What will I do with my time? Who will I cuddle? I'm going to miss my babies. I guess I'll just have to go visit them.


AlisonH said...

Love it love it love it. And that hose-shower photo is for Moose to show his grandchildren someday!

Karin said...

Can't wait to see the kids again!

For that slippery yarn, you can put a rubber band around the ball and take off a few yards at a time.