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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Deckside and Memorial Day Parade

This was the first time this season we got to knit outside. With the fans running it was a tolerable 85 degrees or so until the sun came around the corner. By then it was time to call it quits anyway. But it felt good to get outside and listen to nature as we knitted. Amanda and Moose are still visiting so she was able to join us and even finished a hat which will go into our inventory.
Kathleen finished another Baby Sophisticate cardigan and showed Liz the
Liz finished three baby caps and is working on an eyelet baby cardigan.
Amanda finished the spiral eyelets hat she designed and wrangled Moose long enough to see how it looks. He thought it was pretty silly.
Our evening group showed Maureen and her daughter Cate working tandem on a baby blanket for one of Cate's friends who is expecting.
Beth finished a pair of cute little socks and .....
brought along the Daybreak scarf/shawl to show us the progress she is making.
Yesterday Amanda and I took Moose to the Memorial Day Parade in Delmar, New York. He was too young to remember last year's parade but this year he had a great time. He was so excited as he heard the bands approaching.
We saw the band from Mommy's high school....
And their mascot the Eagle rode along on a truck.
There were hot cars, and
old cars, and
small cars and
friends. There goes our friend, Pastor Sandy from the Journey United Church of Christ .
The people in the parade were throwing lots of candy to the spectators and Moose didn't want to miss any of it.
He brought home a bigger haul than at Halloween!
And he waved enthusiastically when the fire trucks drove by.
He also had a great time flirting with the teenage girls that were sitting beside us.
They enjoyed his company so much that they gave Moose even more candy.
It was a great day to thank the heroes who protected and are still protecting our freedom.

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