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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Wink" if you like to knit

I finished another shawl for Karin to display at the Sock Summit in July. This one was made using the yarn "Wink" . This yarn has a subtle glittery thread running through it that gives it just the hint of sparkle and it's a dream to knit.
Everyone seemed so serious this week. We did smile and have fun but you couldn't tell from these pictures. I guess we were all concentrating on our patterns. Barbara made lots of progress on the top-down cardigan she's knitting for the local USCRI office.
Liz is just casting on for a baby sweater for the same group.
Kathleen finished another cardigan from the book Knit Lace and Leaves for Baby.
Now she's looking for inspiration from a book I just purchased for the Chicks' library. It's called 60 Quick Baby Knits and it has some of the cutest projects all using Cascade Superwash 220 yarn.
Our evening group was busy too. I'm still working on a triangular version of the Jared Flood Noro striped scarf. It will probably take me months to get through it because it's a project that I save to work when I have to wait for an appointment.
Karin worked on socks using one of her latest hand dyed yarns called "Tree Frog" . I hope she doesn't forget to save me a skein. It's beautiful! And Maureen added a few more inches to her reversible stripes scarf.
We will all just keep those needles clicking until there's no more yarn!

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AlisonH said...

Love the shawl, loved the post, but that last sentence! A horror movie snuck up on me! *shiver*