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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Moose and Squirrel? No, Moose and Sheep!

Moose and his mommy, my daughter, are visiting this week and we thought Moose might like to see some animals at the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival. Well, yes, that was just a ploy to get him to join us on our trek for yet more fiber. We drove to Cummington, Massachusetts for this lovely little fiber festival on a glorious sun-shiny day.

Our first bribe, I mean stop, was to see the angora bunnies where Moose got to choose the one he wanted to hold.
He named this one "Toodles" after his pastor's bunny. The soft little guy sat with Moose just a few seconds before he decided it was time to scramble away.
The festival had drop-in spinning and knitting and we watched a customer taking a quick spinning lesson. I loved how intently the young man on the left was watching the proceedings. Another spinner in the future, perhaps?
We stopped at another booth to see the beautiful wheels and fiber and Moose struck up a conversation with this wonderful lady. I think they were discussing something pretty funny here, don't you?
We saw Miss Karin at the festival while she was taking a break from her vendor booth. She walked with us for a while and stopped to buy Moose some finger puppets which he loved!
Moose had to make sure he got all the way to the bottom of the basket to get the best selection. You'll see later what he chose.
I needed a large shawl pin for my heavier shawls and Leslie Wind was making some beauties on the spot. You'll see that later on too.
There was a little play area for the youngsters so they wouldn't get bored and Moose made good use of the facilities.
There's nothing like a good pile of hay to climb!
And what's a festival without a good hot dog? Moose was flirting with the waitress in between bites.
All too soon it was time to say goodbye to the sheep and head for home.
But we were able to buy some goodies to remind us of the good time we had.
Miss Karin was selling her hand dyed yarns and I made sure I got a skein of "Tree Frog" to make myself a pair of socks.
Amanda wanted to give me my birthday gift early since she won't be making another trip up to my house until after her baby is born. Since she knows I love shawls this was a perfect gift for me.
And while at the festival I found the perfect yarn to make this shawl. And here is the shawl pin that Leslie made for me to wear on the new shawl. I have a few projects on needles at the moment which need to be finished before I can undertake a new one though.
Amanda found some bargains which she will use to make baby hats to sell.
And here is Moose with his finger puppets that Miss Karin bought for him. He now has Kung Fu Panda, Elmo, and we're not sure who the last one is but Moose is calling him "Monkey".
We finished off the day with a quick ride around the block to work off the delicious dinner that Poppop had waiting for us when we returned home.
As Martha Stewart would say, "It's a good thing!"


AlisonH said...

Love love love it. Love the fingerpuppet diving picture! (I gave one away at the airport this morning.)

Karin said...

Alison is the one that gave me the idea years ago about the finger puppets!! She always has them in her purse for little ones she might encounter.
I am so glad you had a good time at the festival.
See the green shawl that Leslie Wind is wearing? I had given her that a little earlier in the day because she gave me a one of her pins last year, out of the goodness of her own heart.