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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We had a sunny afternoon for Halloween this year. The Collins family came up for a visit and a little trick or treating. Peter Pan came for a visit too!
Peter Pan is not a very cooperative camera subject.
Tinkerbell designed and made the costumes for Captain Hook, Peter Pan, and herself.
Princess Tigerlily and Mr. Smee took Captain Hook, Tinkerbell, and Peter Pan for brunch at Normanside Country Club.
After brunch we all went to the Halloween party where Moose, I mean Peter Pan, decorated his own cookies.
Then we all walked through the "Haunted House". Those are "eyeballs" floating in the punchbowl.
The nice witch gave us some good candy.
There was a pumpkin carving contest and these two were our favorites.

Peter Pan sat totally absorbed by the magician and his tricks.
And Peter Pan won the costume contest!
Now we're all resting up for round two when we go trick or treating in our neighborhood. Hope you have a ghoulishly good time!