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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille

We Chicks have lots of close up photos to show this week.
I finished a shawl called the Lazy Day Lace Shawl, a free pattern offered on Ravelry.
I used Karin's Periwinkle Sheep Sock Yarn in the Terra Cotta colorway.

This is to be given to a colleague of my husband, who is mourning the death of her newborn. Each and every stitch is connected to a prayer for her and her family.

I started a baby sweater called Phazelia's Mitered Baby Jacket, also from Ravelry.
It doesn't look like much now but with a little more knitting and some magic folding it really becomes a sweater.
Maureen is in the home stretch with her pink and white baby sweater.
And Barbara is almost finished with an E. Zimmermann "Pelerine".
Liz started a Pelerine also. Her choice of yarn makes it suitable for either a man or woman.
Speaking of being in the home stretch, Shelia is almost done with her checkerboard patterned scarf. YAY! Good work, Sheila!
Kathleen's daughter, Pat, visited from downstate this week. She brought along two little pumpkin hats she knitted for her twin great niece and nephew.
Kathleen donated a Pelerine that she knitted using Lion Brand Homespun yarn. It too is unisex and very soft and cozy.
And here's another Gansey sweater for the inventory. Can you tell it's Kathleen's favorite pattern?
One of our new members, Beth, donated a sweet little cardigan called "Baby Sophisticate". This is a free pattern from Ravelry also.
So we are well on our way to filling up the inventory for our two upcoming donations. Now it's back to the knitting needles for me.

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AlisonH said...

I immediately thought that first one looked like Karin's yarn. Beautiful, as are they and you all.