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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wrapping up two donations

Kathleen, Elaine, Barbara, and Sheila helped attach labels all afternoon Tuesday so there wasn't much time for knitting. It turns out we made quite a few items.
Kathy, Beth, Karin, and Maureen helped me set out everything to photograph, which didn't take much time at all, so they got right back to their knitting before the evening's end.
For our nursing homebound friends we made seven Pelerine capelets from the Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern. And there at the bottom is Sheila's lovely purple scarf. There will be warm shoulders at the nursing home this winter.
Then for the Community Maternity Center in Albany we have the following items:
six baby blankets, three pullovers with matching hats, a pair of booties, two vest rib warmers, a baby surprise jacket,
eight cardigans with matching hats,
thirteen bonnets and caps, a pair of mittens,
nine cardigan sweaters, and last but not least....
one poncho.
We will be working on baby and mother items next for a charity called Esme's Comfort.
Keep watching for more cute baby clothes and some pretty shawls.


AlisonH said...

I recognize that 5 Hour baby sweater pattern in there...!

Karin said...

So many wonderful ladies were very busy. Oh and I didn't even realize you took that photo (you sneak). :)