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Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Long Visit With Moose and The Chicks

Moose and his parents are up from Pennsylvania for a visit this week. Mrs. Hiller invited him to meet her puppy, Brewster, an 11 month old, 150 pound St. Bernard. Moose thought he was pretty cool, to quote him. Brewster got quite a workout chasing Moose around the yard.
He and Moose needed to take a rest while Mrs. Hiller's son, Zach kept a watchful eye on things.
On Sunday Indian Ladder Orchards was having a baby animal day. Moose was so excited to get to meet all sorts of baby animals. He was pretty fond of the baby goat.
The baby duckling was so soft and about a second after this photo was taken the duckling ended up on the floor. He survived the fall.
The baby bunny was very soft and Moose enjoyed cuddling until he moved.

We had to stop at the Yellow Rock Cafe for some hot out of the cooker cider donuts.
Uncle Drew helped Moose call the chickens over so he could feed them some grasses.
Before we left the orchards Moose made sure he took a pony ride. He looked like a real natural.
On Tuesday Moose and his Dad read stories while the Chicks got together for some knitting. Elaine finished the shawl with some beautiful Decadent Fibers peach colored wool.
Liz returned from her winter stay in Florida. It was so good to see her again.
She has been working on a feather and fan stitch afghan.
My daughter joined the Chicks this week to work on a sweater for her baby who is due in July. The original sweater started out way too large so it had to be ripped out. Later on you'll see the progress she made by evening.
Maureen is progressing nicely on the maritime baby afghan.
And Joyce is coming along on her baby afghan as well.
Here is Amanda again with the sweater she started earlier.
Judy couldn't join us this week but she sent along a pair of booties she made with a 100% cotton yarn. So cute!
Today we took Moose to Five Rivers Environmental Center and he was in a curious mood this visit. Off he started until we could catch up to him.
One must always stop to smell the roses....or whatever the weed is!
Three generations looking for critters.
It was a very hot day so DeeDee and Poppop talked Moose into taking a rest for a few minutes. But he was soon off again looking for turtles.
See Poppop! I see the turtle there!

Moose saw fish and frogs and dragonflies everywhere.
It was very hot so off we went to get some ice cream.
The cold ice cream hit the spot. Moose's Mom and Dad enjoyed watching him as much as eating their own treats.
This must be good.
You can see it on Moose's face!
Moose will be going home tomorrow and the next time we see him he might be showing off his new baby sister.


Elise H said...

Thanks for coming to visit! Brewster really misses Moose, so we hope Moose will stop by again! Looks like you had a great time this week!!

bmash said...

It certainly looks like everyone had lots of fun!

Karin said...

Wow! What an extraordinary post. What fun everyone had!! So glad Moose got to visit Mrs Hiller and her dog. :)