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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First Day of Knitting Outside

It was the first day of the season to sit on the deck and knit this week. It is still a little too early here in the Northeast to put all my plants out and bring out the fountains, but Tuesday's temperatures reached the 70's. And the sunshine felt great until around 2:45PM when the skies opened up, the winds howled through, and a huge storm broke up the knitting.
Until then Barbara was able to swatch for a baby blanket using yarn that Karin donated after her lovely yarn yard sale last Saturday (
Sheila was working on her checkerboard scarf....
And I tried to add some more rows to the sweater I am making for myself in between donation knitting.
Maureen was the only one to make it for evening knitting this week. She is making a darling baby blanket that alternates panels of sailboats with panels of cable that looks like roping.
This is going to be so cute!
I finished a sweater and hat set for Moose's sister, Eliana, who should be arriving into our family at the end of July.

I used Plymouth Baby Alpaca DK and buttons from WEBS (
My daughter, Amanda, Moose's mommy, designed the following cute little baby shrug pattern which I test knitted for her. It's a great beginner's project, top-down sweater that took me less than six hours to make. The pattern will be for sale as soon as the details are hammered out. You will be able to purchase it from Amanda's etsy shop or Ravelry soon.

It looks like it will fit a newborn to three month old baby.
I enjoyed knitting it so much that I've started another one already. What are you knitting?

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AlisonH said...

Moose is going to have a well-dressed sister!