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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hey! Is it Christmas already?

This week was the first time the Chicks got a chance to see all the wonderful yarn that Stephanie donated for our use. Kathleen was as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning. Ideas were really flowing about what to knit next.
Elaine was sorting through to find a favorite and Sheila checked out some lovely fibers for a possible future project. She's practicing knitting and purling in the same row for now, but as a complete novice, she is making great strides.
Kathleen finished a hat using a free pattern that she found in our local newspaper.
And Barbara, on the left, made a quilt with some scraps she had laying around from her days of quilt making. She is donating the quilt to The Linus Project and her husband helped with a Habitat for Humanity build and in return they will get to spend a day at DisneyWorld in Florida.
Maureen is thrilled to finally have finished her reversible stripes scarf.
And even finished her red neckerchief that was featured last week.
Joyce is choosing a pattern for a top down child's cardigan. Now she has to decide which yarn to use.
I finished my sister's birthday scarf and now it's back to the needles to finish some donation projects. I have already started a shawl and a scarf but had to put them aside to work on the b'day gift. But I'm free and clear to knit them now, unless I decide to knit something for Moose's birthday next month. Hmm....

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