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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Handmade Gifts from the Heart

Last Tuesday we were discussing handmade gifts that were lovingly made for us by our friends and relatives. Sheila told us about two afghans she had and still used that were made for her and her husband, Frank.
Thirty seven years ago the grandmother of their best man hand crocheted this afghan for Sheila's and Frank's wedding gift. I'm sure it holds many happy memories...
As does this fifteen year old, hand crocheted afghan from Frank's mother. Both of these afghans have held up beautifully over the years. I think that speaks of their high quality of workmanship.
Kathleen did not arrive empty handed this week either. But then again, she never does! To add to our inventory she made a chenille scarf/wrap (depending on how one wants to use it).
She also finished the lace scarf on which she was working these last few weeks. This one uses a blend of merino, cashmere, and microfiber yarn that is soft as a cloud.
To round out the collection, Kathleen made another hat using the free pattern from our local newspaper. She said she can whip one of these out in an evening.
Sheila offered to model the last of the "free hat pattern" hats which Kathleen also made this past week. Looks good with her vest!
Elaine finished the Gansey Sweater which turned out beautiful too.
Check out the details of the pattern. Isn't that sweet?
Maureen is working on another chulo hat from the free pattern site connected to Berroco Yarns. It's called Tympany and you can find it here:

This weekend my family came up for a visit so we could celebrate my sister's birthday together. Ordinarily, DH and I would have gone to visit her but he just had knee surgery and didn't think a four hour round trip car ride would be a good idea under the circumstances. So here she is after blowing out all her candles to celebrate her "mumblemumble" birthday. Let's just say that when recently (like two weeks ago) she tried to buy a six pack, the cashier asked to see her ID and she started cracking up thinking it was a joke. She immediately found out it wasn't when the cashier called the manager to her register. My sister meanwhile is trying to impress upon this "young whippersnapper" that she's old enough to be her mother and the mother of the manager as well! Weren't they red-faced when they looked at the date on the license and found out she's more than qualified to buy her own beer. ROFL!!! Sister floated through the rest of her day!
Darwin offered to model the reversible stripes scarf I made for a warm birthday gift.
My sister loved the scarf and can't wait to confuse her friends with the stripes.

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AlisonH said...

That was quite the birthday gift your sister got--too funny!