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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Munchkins and Visits with Moose

Eli Manning, aka Moose, came to visit me for Halloween this year. He enjoyed trick or treating in the rain and refused to use an umbrella. He's a tough guy!
Even Daddy Phil and Mommy Amanda dressed for the occasion.
After collecting his stash of candy Moose, I mean Eli tried to eat everything. It's hard to teach portion control to a two and a half year old!
Elaine's granddaughter Alex made a cute chicken.
I guess laying eggs is an exhausting ordeal!
Judy's granddaughter Storey made a cute, yummy cupcake...
and her grandson, Calvin was a courageous knight!
Joyce's granddaughter Ellie seems to be having trouble with her knitting. I think she's wondering how will she ever get through her stash!
In October Moose stopped by Uncle Drew's office for a lunchtime visit.

I wonder what's so interesting under here.

Let's send an email to someone.

After lunch we stopped by the carousel at the New York State Museum for a quick ride.
Last night we took Moose to see the Wiggles at the Palace Theater in Albany.
Moose is looking through the program for his favorite Wiggle, Anthony. He even wore his "Anthony" shirt just for the show.
It was a really cute and very entertaining show. Even Poppop liked it!
Moose danced and clapped for everyone.

And Poppop bought a Wiggles hat for Moose to remember the fun we had at the show.
We had a great time and sang songs all the way home.

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