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Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Whole Lotta Knittn' Goin' On!

Let's start off showing you a little shawl I just finished. It's a pattern I found on
I used Crystal Palace Mini Mochi yarn, a merino wool and nylon blend sock weight yarn, which was heavenly to use! It's so soft and the drape is beautiful. The long color changes make a nice striping effect. The pattern was very easy since it's a stockinette stitch broken up by a garter ridge here and there. The saw tooth edge lace is knitted onto the final row of the shawl by knitting the last stitch of the edging together with one stitch from the shawl edge.
This next project is already off the needles but not yet blocked. I used a baby alpaca and silk blend yarn that was left over from my clapotis from a year ago. I found these neat black buttons to make this short scarf fit like a cowl. When the blocking is done and the buttons are on I'll post another photo.
Kathleen finished yet ANOTHER scarf for our cancer survivors project. It's the Shale Pleated Scarf from WEBS.

I wonder if you can see smoke coming off Kathleen's knitting needles when she works. She sure produces a lot of beautiful, finished items!

Barbara is working on a Country Rows shawl which is a pattern I threw together when I was playing around with some solid rose colored yarn.
Sheila is our newest Chick and she is in the first stages of learning how to knit. She's working on casting on stitches and knitting. Purling will come later. Sheila is a good student and has the patience of a saint! God bless you Sheila! You're doing great!

Now on to the mind blowing portion of our post today. Here is the Reversible Stripes Scarf. No, you are not seeing things and yes, this is one scarf - both sides! The stripes run horizontally on one side and vertically on the other. How does that happen, you say? It's all due to a clever little play of slipping stitches. I love working on this scarf. But it's taking forever because I keep stopping to turn it over and over to see the stripes! LOL!
Kathleen started one using a fuzzy yarn and got this far when she decided that maybe the yarn is not the best one to use for this particular pattern. But it does look very nice.
Judy is making a reversible stripes scarf with two shades of green and it's coming along famously!
Here's side one, vertical.....
And here's side two, horizontal! WOW!
Joyce is making a reversible too but not when we're all talking and laughing. It does require just a little bit of concentration. Here she is working on a lovely, soft basic triangular shawl.
Maureen is working on a Country Rows shawl too. The pretty sage green yarn will be so tranquil and comforting to wear.
Well, I have to work on my Thanksgiving menu and make out a grocery list. I already have my grandmother's homemade escarole soup done and in the freezer so there is one less thing I have to prepare on Thursday. I also have the ingredients to make my Spinach Parmesan Balls, or green balls as my kids used to call them, so I can get those in the freezer too. I'm looking forward to having a houseful of company for the weekend and hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with the warmth and love of family.

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