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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Party Time! And the last day of Moose's Visit

DH won a silent auction bid at a charity event recently. The prize was a limo ride anywhere in the Capital District of Albany, NY and a cocktail party for 10 at the Century House
in Latham. We could fit only 8 in the limo so Justin and Matt had to meet us there. Sorry guys!

Being the country goobers that we are, we had to take photos of the inside of the limo. Too bad I didn't know it was stocked with ice and crystal. I would have brought along something to drink

Looking like deer caught in the headlights, we all pose for the camera! From left to right are: me, Maureen's husband Paul, Maureen, Marge and her husband Ross.
Ron and Andrew sat in the "Big Shots" seat.
Once at the Century House we had plenty to eat. And right in the middle between Andrew and me are Matt and Justin....Hi Guys! I guess you won't make fun of Andrew's photos showing up on my blog anymore, huh? LOL!

The last day of Moose and Manda's visit we had fresh bagels for breakfast and Moose gobbled them up.

Talk about a "cheesy smile"! He really liked that bagel.
All too soon the week of Moose's visit was over and we had to drive them back home. I guess the visit really wore him out.
But the whole gang will be back for Thanksgiving and we'll have a lot of thanking to do.
Wishing you and all yours the most wonderful Thanksgiving and continued good blessings.

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AlisonH said...

That little Moose's smile totally steals the show! He's adorable. Happy Thanksgiving!